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July 05, 2012


Sandy Alperstein

Very informative and important blog post, Charlie! Thanks for sharing!

Robin Raef

What is the statute of limitations for filing a complaint with the civil rights office?


HEY! if you have been Retaliated against for standing up for your special needs child at your school! We have to stand together and make schools aware that we are a large group of people who are looking out for our children's best interests and we are not going to put up with the inappropriate behaviors by teachers, school administrator, any one else who wants to stand in the of our children legal right to get an education. If your child has an IEP the school is required to make the modifications and accommodations to level the playing field in public schools with the other typical general education student.Parents will prevail when we stand together and say the Laws says we don't have to put up with this anymore...Just a FFT (Food For Thought) Have A Happy Friday! Great Weekend, and take advantage of all those special moments you have with your kids they grow up soooo darn fast...it's the the little moments that amaze me...Think Positive!!! :) Cynthia

Keon Price

So very relative to what my family and I are up against, concerning receiving the proper support for my son. It is unbelievable what some parents and students have to go through just have a shot at receiving and education. Schools use to be a safe haven for children and families who struggled on any level. I can't say the same today. Schools today, especially seem like they "only" care for numbers/test scores and receiving a pay check. It's as if your child is perfect, everything is then fine, but if there are any children with challenges/difficulties you can forget about it. So sad!!!!

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