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December 12, 2011



I think Ipads are a great way to incorporate technology into the classroom. The touch screen factor would be great for students with fine motor issues. In this generation, it is like children are born with the knowledge to run this type of technology. It does not take a child very long to figure out how to use a smartphone and so on. I would be concerned with the financial aspect of it. Can schools really afford to have ipads available to the students with disabilities? More data should be collected on the effectiveness of ipads.


I agree. I think ipads would be great for students. The only concern is the financial aspect. Who is going to pay for the ipads to be in the school districts? When and where are the students allowed to use them? Are they going to be used as textbooks? If they are, what kind of waver are students and parents going to have to sign, and what happens if there is a problem and they cannot pay? Is this apart of FAPE now? Technology is amazing and so useful to students. The only problem is that technology is expensive and easily broken.

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