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December 02, 2011



I believe that it depends on the student. Especially in the cases of special education. It seems I am lucky to work in the district that I do, they are supportive to parents and teachers when these issue arise. I had a student that had autism and parents wanted to retain him. We discouraged it because socially he was far more mature (physically) then the other students that he would be with if he were to be held back. The question then is will they ever meet grade level standards? Probably not for some students, so do we hold them back every year until they hit those benchmarks? What I have seen also is, from an elementary standpoint, parents with students with disabilities have that fear factor. I have seen it primarily in the 5th grade before moving onto middle school. As a mother I too was nervous when my children progressed from elementary to middle school etc.., I try to imagine having a child with disabilites and seeing them move up to such a unfamiliar world, having to leave the comfort zone they have been in since their child was in KG or Preschool. It's got to be tough, with that we need to look at each child and situation seperately. Can you imagine finding 100's of students from special education that meet the same criteria to make the survey valid?

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