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April 20, 2011


Allison G.

Thank you for writing a blog which explains with humor the law and news relating to special education. It is a valuable resource to parents and anyone with an interest in a child with special needs. As a college student, I am reading your blog to find out more about how IDEA and NCLB are actually carried out in the classroom. This is the second case I have read about where a parent sought help outside of the school district for determining if their child qualified for special education and in both cases the school denied the need for special education. I agree with you that the parents ideally should be involved in the process and that the reality is that many are unable to unavailable to do so. However unfortunately, it seems that even with parental involvement and outside professional evaluation, the school district can still fail to meet the needs of the student. Have you or readers of this blog had personal experiences in which appropriate provisions of IDEA were not made because parents, educators, or doctors were not in agreement? What role does parental support have in making sure students are best supported and accommodated by the provisions of IDEA?

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