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April 27, 2011



About section 504... I am new to special education, and am wondering about the application of the ADA. Can the aggressors themselves be punished under section 504? Or is the school district liable?


I think it is unbelievable how students are bullied. It is not just students with disabilities. We do see students with disabilities at a greater risk of being bullied. I do not understand how schools are getting away with this. ADA is a federal act. Schools must abide by the rules. Do parents have to do something about it to make a change? I have noticed a lot of articles and things about bullying lately. Is it more prevalent today? I think schools need to realize what is going on. Bullying cannot be ignored. Children are letting academics suffer because they rather not come to school to deal with the harassment. This is obviously an issue that needs taken care of. School is supposed to be a safe haven for our students. They should not be afraid to come because they are being tormented by other students.

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