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February 09, 2011


Susan Montgomery

Wow. This blog was amazing. I wish I would of read it months ago..or even years. But yet I never thought I would endure such BS with my son IEP team, etc. I am one of those ppl the Social worker befriends. Due to my own disability, and honesty I got real chatty once when talking and didnt realize it was going to be held against us. Although I dont think being a victim of a crime is bad (cuz it wasnt my fault) and being a single mom in the hood is illegal (at least I take care of my kids) but they make your kid out to be the worse when they are wrong because he is just another black boy with a dad in jail and the mom has ptsd and probably has alot of stress and is on meds. So I have been fighting them off for a while. I turned into an advocate/activist for my son, my self and my community and I hate what they have put us through or how they judge and stereo type families. My son deserves the same things as other kids do. And I am sick of them putting me down like I am stupid at the meetings or ignoring me. After they wouldnt listen to my concern of my son being abused my staff and students in his SPEN program I filed a complaint with the state dept, pulling my son out and awaiting the next step. In the mean time they send me truancy warnings yet they wont give him new and better services somewhere else and keep cancel the IEP meetings. I have saved all my emails and took pictures. And hopefully this law student can help with a complaince before she graduates becaus I can not afford a lawyer. And I really want what is best and right for not only my son but the other kids that are ignored in this level 3 setting. If I would of known then what I know now, I swear, I would of never even signed my name to that IEP propasal. Thanks for letting me vent. I look foward to reading more blogs and I promise not to leave a novel every time. lol.

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