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April 11, 2010




Thanks for the entertainment. So true, it doesn't matter who we are, we can stumble into some deep water when we just skirt the issues.

Martha Chatel

My sister got me here, and I love it, it made me cry and laugh at the same time, because it is soooo true! I'm glad SOMEBODY out there understands! I'm just sorry you have to have a hanciapped, oops I mean "special needs" , child to understand! :-)

Angela Jones

Hi Lori
I think every teacher, exceptional education and regular, should receive a copy of your translation of a parent with a child with disabilities. We are so quick to judge but do not know and understand what it takes emotionally and physically to care for children with disabilities.


Hi Lori,
I really enjoyed reading your post! It was very cool how you used analogies to describe certain instances. I also feel your blogging really supports the readers who may have the same feelings as you!


I just wanted to comment and say...wow someone on my side..and it should not be a "side" issue but it seems that the world is just divided over those that get it and those that don't concerning those with special needs. It sometimes seems like they have a lack of compassion, intellengence, or basic human understanding. I am blessed with 3 typical (and I should use that word losely;) ) children and I always view nmy students as if they were nmy own, I wish other teachers could keep in mind that those children with special needs ARE in fact someone's child, someone's future, someone's pride and joy, regardless of there limitations.

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