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February 08, 2010


FT Dad

I am good at a lot of things...typing well thought out and lengthy comments is not one of them. LOL

Thanks for such a great article!

Daunna Minnich

What I enjoyed about your article, Brian, was a feeling of being drawn through a "gallery" of labels, with a spotlight coming on as I approached each label along the way. Some of the labels were instantly recognizable, even if I'd never quite seen them before. How true that when we choose to label ourselves "Irish" or "Aspie" that we do so with a smile and comfortable sense of belonging, but for someone else to impose a label of "Irish Disorder" or "Asperger's Syndrome" upon us could quickly suck away our sense of self and well-being.

An unfeeling person might say, "If the shoe fits, wear it." But why wear someone else's cast-off shoe? Shouldn't we all have the freedom to choose our own shoes — and labels?

Thanks for the food for thought. You must be a fan of Kathie Snow and the Disability is Natural way of thinking.

Joseph Hromy

I am not a big fan of labels for anyone. Putting a person's name first will always be the way to go. In some circles of thought, especially psych rehab; anytime that we put a disability behind a person's name this action then limits the person's power. The disability label can really hurt people.

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