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February 05, 2010


George Pappas

Dear Mr. Fox:
Please let us know when the perfect national advocate spokesperson comes along so we can support him or her. Maybe Tim Shriver? Or maybe President Obama? Perhaps even Raum Emmanuel? After all, he has now taken the pledge.

Sadly, you have let your own political ideology cloud your judgment as an advocate. So you sit and wait for the perfect spokesperson to emerge . . . In the meantime, our children will continue to be attacked by the very administation you support.

Ed. Mr. Pappas: No one is perfect but I am looking for someone who does not speak from notes on her hand like a 4th grader, can engage in an intelligent and reasoned dialogue, does not use children as props and avoids churlish name calling like "socialist." There are many thoughtful people with whom I disagree, but would expect to have a useful and thoughtful discussion with them.

BTW I have been very disappointed by Sec. Arne Duncan and will openly criticize him when the occasion arises.

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