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February 26, 2010


Emily Malabey

There is allegedly an investigation occurring right now with the USDOJ.
While it has been about 40 years that the atrocities have been allowed in our country at the JRC, hopefully the end is near. There will come a day when our society decides to accept the fact that people with differences in ability are people and not animals-though in Massachusetts for instance, people doing such things to animals face prison time. It is unacceptable and despicable that this has been ignored by those in power for about 4 decades. We all have the right and the responsibility to ensure it ends. There is no way to justify the abuse and torture that occurs at the JRC. No law interpretations suffice.
I will personally continue efforts to end the discrimination, isolation, segregation and absolute abuse of people based on their difference in ability.

sarah@Schools in Gurgaon

When advocating for your child, remember that; transportation not only means to and from school, but also in and around the school building, and any specialized equipment required by your child.

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