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December 18, 2009


Anne M. Zachry, KPS4Parents

See also http://www.kps4parents.org/blog/?p=193. Same issue with a DP case in Chicago.

Lonna Clinch

Hello: I have just found your site. Good reading. I am a special education director and an adjunct professor teaching special education. I work in a small rural district in south Texas. Your district in Evanston is not the only one that jumps to LRE before considering the individual needs of the students. In my classes for soon to be special education teachers, I "preach" that mainstreaming/inclusion is the easy way out for the district but not the best or even the almost best for our special education students. In my district we first look at the needs of the students and then determine the learning environment appropriate for our students. I hope you know that the problems in special education are not unique to Illinois, unfortunatley. Dr. C


Those in protest of the deterioration of Park School also use IDEA 300.551 Continuum of alternative placements. Each public agency shall ensure that a continuum of alternative placements is available ..... as included in 300.26 (instruction in regular classes, special classes, "special schools", home instruction and instruction in hospitals and instututions.......

Go get um parents!!!


I am a special education teacher in metro-Atlanta. In the past few years I have seen more and more children pushed to a LRE not because of appropriate placement but because of budget contstraints. For example if a student has been in a separate class setting in math his entire school career and we cannot afford to offer a section of that course in small group he just goes co-taught. I feel that students should be in the LRE but not before they are ready or because we are cutting corners.


I agree that there needs to be a full continuum of services and we at times, need to get creative about those services. I am saddened to learn that LRE is being used as an excuse to push students out when all along we should have considered them being part of the mainstream of the school and then pulling back for services that didn't work in the regular classroom. This doesn't have to be an all or nothing choice, it has to make sense for kids.

I just worked with a group of teachers in my school district where we will serve all high school students in regular social studies classes, that will need to be fluid enough to accommodate needs during the various units. It is really about access and equity on one side and protection of students on the other side.

I advocate to listening to each other and determining the continuing changing needs of students and working to be flexible, despit the economic realities of school districts. The more creative we can get, the better off our students will be. This is not an all or nothing process but something to be gained for all!

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