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December 18, 2009



Ok IEP meetings are always the parents misunderstanding. Where my son attends school special ed to the team has ceased all communication with me. the director of special has even re routed my emails so they go only to her.

elizabeth boyer

I NEVER receive a copy unless I make a several requests...and we've had IEP reviews for 8 years...you can't complain about what you don't know...and does anyone ever look at the notes? my concerns are never presented or at best played down...

Christine Lange

Hi, Charlie and Nicole.

Glad to see you blogging again!

Illinois Administrative Code Sec 226.220 (a), Development, Review, and Revision of the IEP, says "When an IEP has been developed or revised, a notice in accordance with 34 CFR 300.503(b) and (c) shall be provided immediately to the parents..."

Wouldn't this apply after an IEP meeting also? Wouldn't the district be required to at least provide written notice about changes, even if they drag their feet on providing a complete copy of the IEP?

Christine Lange

Oh, also, can you point me to where the law implies that the district needs to provide a copy of the IEP in a reasonable time period? Thanks.

Illinois regs for sped state:


"Section 226.110, subtitle a, subsection f:

f) The school district shall provide a copy of the IEP Team’s report to the parent at
the conclusion of the team’s meeting. In addition, the district shall provide to the
parent, within ten school days after the meeting, written notice conforming to the
requirements of Section 226.520 of this Part as to the eligibility determination
reached with respect to the child. The parent shall also be entitled to receive
copies of any evaluation reports upon request. "

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