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October 06, 2009



Charles, thanks for posting this. This is exactly why I am so frustrated with California right now. CA has significantly changed the way they are providing Early Intervention (0-3) services based on budget cuts, as well as having changed service delivery for over age 3 as well. EI eligibility criteria has changed, leaving a large group of children ineligible who would have received services before, which can only result in increased numbers of kids needing services over age 3 (and costing CA even more money in the long run). Also, we were providing Sp. Ed. consultations for families of school age children, and the law has actually been changed to make this service ILLEGAL through the Regional Center for the Developmentally Disabled system that we have here in CA. Loss of job for me, bigger loss for families.

Thanks for letting me vent.

kathy Tumminaro

amen- I can think of a few that could use a revamp- Lets just hope that all the districts realize that this is not something that will go away.

Stuart D.

Are there any articles or sources that speak to autism incidence among specific populations (e.g. urban/rural, income level, number of children in family, broad ethnicity etc.)? I do think there's an absoluate increase, but it as more to do with an increasingly fragmented social environment, triggering sensory processing disorders and cumulative effects while children develop among their peers than a sudden genetic "blip". In other words, more enabling factors than anything intrinsic.

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