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October 07, 2009


Dawn - Donte's Mom & Advocate

I have not been on the blog in a while since my son graduated with his diploma in May 09 but I wanted to share with all my fellow advocates that Managing the Art of Living (www.managingtheartofliving.org) is a wonderful opportunity for self-direction. I am a part of my son's Microboard and through our training on PATHS we have created a great group of family and friends to assist my son in realizing one of his goal - a place of his own.

We are completing our application with State to become a self-directed CILA and yippee!!! we do not have consider a traditional CILA provider agency.

If you plan to attend this year's transitional conference in Schaumburg, be sure to sit in on the presentation for Managing the Art of Living which now has a state association for all Microboards & Co-ops.

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