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December 25, 2008



Yeah bitter but many a times true....


As a student who had an IEP and a current Special Education teacher I find this song to be pretty demeaning. Sure there are some poor SPED teachers but the vast majority of them work extremely hard and want the best for their students. We're overburdened and have to work in environments hostile toward students in SPED. If you want to blame someone, blame poor administration.

I'm pretty sure you were trying to be funny, but castigating the people that are trying to teach your children seems in poor taste.

Spanish in Spain

I just now came across your blog,it was wonderful to read your blog,good formation of words, good work.


We have to be "docs" to understand our child, we have to by "lawyers" to understand how to educate them, we have to be patient to survive. I was so glad the day my daughter graduated from the "system". Poor teachers who want to help but schools won't enable them.


lol to your 12 days of special ed - and an "Ouch!" for the very few special ed teachers who try. Let us not forget the administrators claim to have been teachers and support employing poorly trained aides and mean-hearted teachers who abuse and neglect our children. Brown v. Board of Education = Separate is not equal.

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