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November 20, 2008



It is time for this to stop! I am not from this state and when I seen children 5 years old forcing their way to school through snow storms and rain I was appalled. It is time that Illinois loses the corrupt politicians and take care of the future.


I need help to any one that can!!! OUT THERE!!! my son had adhd and add he is in a river grove school and they are wanting to get him out because they say they cant give him HE IS 10 what he need I say ???? Any how is there any school in the chicago area that are for kids with ADHD/ADD AND WHERE??? ANY HELP I WILL TAKE THANK YOU VERY MUCH HOPLESS MOTHER

Teresa St.Angelo

This upsets me no end! We should be taking much better care of these special students!
In my school district I cannot tell you how upset I was when the dismissal bus for the special education students was 30-35 minutes later than the regular school buses. I repeatedly went to the principal stating my concern. As a union representative I thought I might have some clout but I did not. After a month the bus did come 10- 15 minutes late. Some improvement but it never did come the same time as the regular education buses.
The students had a very difficult time waiting and only the special education teacher had to stay late with them.
I felt there was no respect for the teacher or the students.

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