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October 21, 2008


Sandy Alperstein

Lori, you really have a way with words!!


Daunna Minnich

IEPs are such spooky affairs. This was devilishly delightful, Lori!


My favorite “Alex” Halloween story.

I was thrilled, when 10 year old Alex asked if he could go trick or treating this year rather than hiding behind my legs and growling, as we opened the door to the neighborhood children.

We picked out a costume, Elvis (I know, but really, .he *is* the king of rock and roll)

We created a Haloween Trick or treat Story board

We practiced getting in our costume (and our Elvis impression)

We practiced trick or treating

We plotted a route around the neighborhood and decided, based on the Halloween decorations, what houses he would like to visit.

We were excited! I tried to keep it light, “if we want to go that’s great, if we want to stay home and give out candy then that’s great too. You’re the boss on Halloween.” But I secretly hoped he would at least go to one house - -to experience the thrill of the candy hitting the bottom of your bag, just once.

Then, before we knew it, Halloween was here. Alex got dressed, whispering all the plans to himself over and over and over. We took a final look at our story board and off we went. Alex and his entourage (mom, uncle, 2 aunts and 4 grandparents) stepped out in to the night.

We all walked quietly around Alex as he whispered to himself “ring the door bell; say, trick or treat” over and over and over, for about a block and a half. He picked a house that was not too scary. He and I broke off from the pack and walked up to the house, I held his hand to help him up the stairs. He reached out and rang the bell! All on his own! My heart soared. The door opened, the man smiled at Elvis. Alex opened his mouth and yelled, “doorbell”.

The guy who answered the door laughed and gave him *three* piece of candy.

Alex was thrilled.

He walked away self talking, “that wasn’t right, its trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat.

He picked another house, rang the bell, yelled, “doorbell” and the next house and the next house and the next house.

I was so proud.

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