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August 05, 2008


Liz Ditz

At Blogher '08's Special-Needs Mommy Blogging Panel


Stephanie Klein of the blog Greek Tragedy


sparked a conversation about using the word "retarded" (and its variations).

Happiekatie, liveblogging the panel, summarized the response:


"Using humor and language when discussing child's disability
Language frames how we think about things - if you accept a language that puts disabilities first and foremost in the minds of people, that's not positive for anyone. So many loaded words in our language, but important not to diminish our children when we speak about them. There are many repercussions when using certain language and types of humor, maybe more than what one person really can deal with.


Disability rights are one of the only kinds of visible discrimination left, it's a final frontier we must conquer! Outing yourself as a parent of child with special needs changes the conversation. Knowing that everyone is out there online makes this change of tone and daily challenges so much easier. "

Thomas D. Taylor

Curing ignorance is instrumental in promoting tolerance and eliminating prejudice.

Midnight In Chicago works to this end by issuing free autism spectrum podcasts to the public at www.mic.mypodcast.com.

Autism and Bullying: Parts I & II" delves into the issue of how bullying of people with differences takes place and what can be done to stop it.

Please pass the word.

Robert Jordan

I understand how you guys feel about degrading those who may be different than your average joe. But ITS A MOVIE, a comedy. They make fun of everyone pretty much. They don't seriously want people going around being prejudice, but making light or making jokes can make it less of a taboo issue.


I, Being a person With a disability, Found Tropic thunder GREAT! What I do find offensive IS People WHO ARE NOT , Disabled, Saying that WE disabled, Are offended, When It is not totally true.

Tropic thunder Is NOT about the handicap character. It is about A bunch of movie actors Who are making a movie Who get lost in the jungle and try to make it out alive. The handicapped was a SUB-plot. It was part of a character and IF you saw the movie you would have known That Ben stiller Character career flopped after "Simple Jack". I for one applaud Stiller, for displaying what could happen if a Character is portrayed WRONG. Please Do us all A favor, Before you get on your soap box, GO SEE THE MOVIE AND GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

Also, These movies can help get the word out about disabilities, Instead of bashing this type of thing we should use it as a platform!


To critique the scene in Tropic Thunder is gross incompetence and hyper sensitivity. The whole point of the movies dialogue is about the over acting of past movie roles depicting people with disabilities. It is not relevant if the movies makes fun at every group, or just a few, It is a comedy and is meant to pke more fun at the machine called Hollywood, and the standards by which acting is rewarded with trophys. People need to lighten up when a pro athlete says "he spazzed". Whats next... DNA tests to reveal that someone was wrong when he called me his brother?

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