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July 16, 2008



Quite an encouraging & nice article.It can serve as a learning experience for the other teachers and can add onto the confidence level of other teachers.


Debbie MacFarlan

Why is it that there are no attorney's in Illinois that can help a teacher for blowing the whistle on the school.
I fought the school for proper materials to teach with, I report an unsafe classroom, ED student pulling scissors on an MR girls neck and allowed to return to class, all African American locked up on the 3rd floor for 3 hours at a time with 2 5 minute breaks, illegal and non compliant IEP's. I screamed for help and even contacted Mr. Charlie Fox for help- I also was told by my advisor at NLU to keep being a thorn when they put a student straight from regular Ed. into the most restrictive classroom Cross-Cat with NO IEP or meetings. I got fired! So, how does help teachers that report on schools? They tried to bury me but I was fired for unjust case. Still need help who is there for us teachers to turn to? And please don't say the UNION.
I have all the documentation needed that I advocated for my students who were in 8th grade and could not read, write, nor barely add. All this in a Northwestern North Shore School- HELP?

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