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July 01, 2008


Sherry Hollis

This is so normal all over the country, I wish someone would report this in addition to specific areas.
thanks for posting this!!


I am a parent who lives in Warren Michigan. We have a great brand new state of the art school opened last August for our kids; however, they cannot seem to keep a speech therapist staffed, which by what I have read goes against MISD rules. My son, who is 7, has speech apraxia and is going to without a doubt fall behind his peers if this continues every year. Last year they did not have one until late November. Every year it will continue to be harder for him to keep up at grade level if he does not get the services he is entitled to. I am at a loss as to how they could allow this to happen not just once, now two years in a row. I have been aware of his disorder since he was 24 months old and getting him the help he needs, now is a very crucial time for him at his age and grade level.

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