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July 17, 2008



I'm a school psych in CA and I am iworred about how I will be able to comply with IDEA, especially the timelines, in the coming school year. Our dept. has laid off 6 of 17 psychs. With no reduction in the number of kids in special ed, we are all facing giant caseloads. The ideal caseload, according to NASP, is 1 psych per 1,000 students; we are now at 1:1750.I have tried to convince our director, school board, and parent advisory committee to special ed that firing psychs is not a cost-saving measure, as increased litigation / settlements that result from blown initial and triennial IEP deadlines.I do wish that special ed parents would go some ways towards recognizing that while their child may not get everything the parents believe s/he needs, there are many, many gen ed students who are also receiving sub-par educations. Is that right? Heck no. But insisting on Cadillac plans for the lucky few with IEPs when the district as a whole is taking the bus does not further the PR objectives of special ed parents. ALL kids deserve a good education, and ALL students have to sacrifice when the economy goes south.Wouldn't it be nice if Halliburton or Goldman Sachs had to cope with the austerity measures our districts and students face???

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