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July 26, 2008



Oh, come on...I disagree with Savage's remarks on autism, too, and his remarks on AD/HD, however, I do not think he should be fired. Savage has in own personality and niche that nobody else can compare. He is amusing and funny at times. I can't find anyone else as interesting to listen to even if I disagree with the guy. And be honest: if he weren't a conservative I think you guys would be a little more forgiving...right?

ed. If a liberal commentator was hurtful to this degree and scope I would say out you go.
Charlie Fox


The only thing funny about this situation is the thought of an idiot like Michael Savage giving parenting advice to ANYONE, let alone parents of children with autism.

Everyone should write to every company that advertises on his show and let them know we will boycott their products and services if they keep sponsoring a hate monger like Michael Savage.

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