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May 21, 2008



I got a good laugh out of this post. Really well done! Thanks for sharing it. And, congratulations on getting through this year's IEP meeting.

Sandy Alperstein

The case manager: "If the child is not labeled as visually impaired, then he doesn't qualify for a light bulb accommodation."

Lori, thanks for help lightening (pun intended!) this difficult season (IEP Season, that is...)


Daunna Minnich

Says Lori #1:   "Who needs a light bulb? Light bulbs are always going off in my head."

Says Lori #2:   "Who needs a light bulb? When I'm in a room full of dimwits, I just whip out my glow-in-the-dark pen and record what goes on with blinding accuracy."

Says Lori #3:  "Who needs a light bulb? Each request I make generates a 100-watt glare from the Special Ed Director."

Says Special Ed Director:  "Who needs a lightbulb? Isn't the goal to keep parents in the dark?"

(With apologies to my own special ed director, who has an amazing ability to cut through a lot of irrelevancies and shed light and clarity on a situation.)

Thanks for enlightening us once again, Lori!


Any school person: We've never used light bulbs in this district!

too much light makes baby go blind

school social worker: The burned out bulbs are at home. They’re not happening at school.

school district attorney: Just because you provided your child with a mega flashlight for a year while we were denying you evaluation, determination and appropriate services doesn’t mean we’ll now pay for the batteries you used in that flashlight.

principal: Your student gets enough light to see fine at school. But, you keep asking for better light bulbs in his IEP meetings, so I’m calling child welfare on you because I allege that your light bulbs are burned out at home!

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