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May 27, 2008


Sara Cooper

A good teacher does not let her/his mood affect her/his teaching. In this case if she was frustrated, as Terry seems to think, she/he should not let that affect her teaching. It is never okay to vote a student out of the classroom no matter what they do. The teacher needs to come up with ways to help the child. If the child was that disruptive, the principal should have stepped in and given her more help. It is also a good idea to use the resources around you and the teachers around you. Surely there was a special education classroom that he could have gone to for a cool down period. Sometimes it helps if there is another teacher to discuss or share students with for a brief time. Maybe if she had more support this wouldn't have happened.


We have problems with the Golden Rule for a number of reasons. One of them is that although they teach it in schools for children to use interpersonal situations, they do not seem to ever apply it to the adults themselves.



I think inhumane behaviour of th teachers should be dealt this way only.A very informative post...i must say.Strict actions should always be taken against such teachers.



which teachers are highly qualified and which are not? The no child left behind act doesn't cover this aspect does it?

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