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May 27, 2008


Adult left behind

Right at birth I was left behind. Mother drug addict.with no home the DFS places me in a clinic for retards, until I was 1 year old. I lived with my grandmother at 17 months old til 6 years old. My home was disfunctoinal and my mom and her husband got to have me most of the time.My brother reported abuse but we were left behind. I cuold not speak, Ijust babbled, grunts, squeeks, screams, facials, and unappropriate gestures and behaviors that I learned from my home, as well as the clinic 'jail'. had set my life in stone. This is and has ben and still is my life. dead,dead,dead! This is my story...............


Wow! All of you who are saying that this teacher is mean spirited and has no heart and is evil are now doing the same thing by calling on her removal, her extridition to a desert island, etc. Umm, is this the pot calling the kettle black here? It sounds as if you are not practicing what you preach!

Yes, the teacher made an error in judgement! Was it malicious in thought? I do not think so-I think that she was really trying to do the right thing that came after a school year of one frustrating incident after another. Before I join with all you who would like to line her up against the wall, I want to hear her point of view. After all is said and done, perhaps instead of chopping off heads, we can learn from it and move on.

From what is read so far, this student was a constant, severe disruption with pushing tables around, lying on the floor pushing tables up, doing gross bodily functions while in class, etc. Are you so ready to condemn this teacher to life in Abu Gharib because she tried, albeit in a very wrong way, to deal with this situation? If so, then parents who send their childrent to summer camp should be treated the same as this teacher because everyone knows, the reason for summer camp is for parents to get a break from their children! LOL! You are going to get very defensive of this statement because you know it is true.

We should give this teacher the benefit of the doubt until we hear her side of the story as well. Something tells me that there is more to know before we, who know everything and are so kind in our words and deeds, pass judgment on her.


Teacher's in this country are expected to be highly qualified. This is a mandate set by the No Child Left Behind Act. It calls for teachers to be proficient in their endorsement area by meeting professional standards set forth in teacher education programs at local universities. It also requires teachers continue their education by maintaining a number of professional development points over a number of years, even attain higher education through local universities within a given amount of time. My point: this teacher should have been versed in behavior management having a student with exceptionalities in her class. If she was not, it's the school board's fault for hiring and placing her. My other point: her decision to "vote" a student out of her class undermines basic principles of human dignity we are all entitled to no matter what our exceptionality. How would you like to be voted out of your community especially if you were unable to advocate for yourself.
This is an instance where this teacher did leave this child behind. Literally.

County NC News


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Rob Cross


Even if the kid was disruptive, the teacher's behavior is unacceptable. In my opinion, not only is it unacceptable toward the little boy, but toward all the other kids she involved in her rejection lesson. She taught them it was OK to be mean with somebody who was different, to reject him, ...

This does not mean the school does not bear a part of responsibility by giving her the help she needed, but I certainly would not want my sons to be on either side of her little lesson. It was bad for both sides.

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