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February 21, 2008


Daunna Minnich

Laughed till I cried! My husband had to leave the room to find peace & quiet.

need the laughs

I loved this, as we have just experienced this with our child this school year. So, dead-on. I don't think school folks consider their personal role in driving parents over the edge. We've started a communication system, and now that teachers are finally responding, we just can't understand why they're not responding to the items/concerns in the notes sent! If they were answering questions on a test, they'd get an F. - I know this gallows humor is hard for school teachers to read, but like all good humor, it is deeply rooted in truth. I've noticed school staff slamming parents trying to extract information from them as "helicopter parents" or "harrassing parents," ignoring their role in the dance. --- If teachers are so overworked (and I know, they are, especially sped teachers!), then they must stand up and not take their system's bs anymore --- like any abused workers would.

Maura Larkins

Lori Miller Fox did a great job of demonstrating the way in which many, many teachers operate. They don´t realize that they are accomplishing nothing good by sending home work that neither the child nor the parent knows how to do. Why not send home review problems until the teacher finds time to teach the new concept to the child?


Oh Lori...

You really keep me alive and going. For real.

What I can share with you is this: During our due process hearing recently the school district's attorney opened with a statement regarding there being a "disconnect" in communication between school and parent. You think? I found this to be very profound as I read your recent entry.

Thanks for the humor!

bill saccone

My son is turning 3 going into the local school district this year. His IEP meeting is next week and you are all scaring me with these horror stories. That being said I am happy to have read your notes it is far better to go into battle armed.

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