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February 21, 2008



Just read through this "conversation" between fictional Mom and non-existent teacher, and I have to say I am a bit offended by this.

As a teacher myself, I feel the teacher in this exchange comes across as, well, uncaring and distant. Although I understand that, at times, teachers may not seem like they are giving "100%" to EACH child, please remember that we are responsible (and, dare I say, expected) to give 100% to 125 students a day (on a secondary level). Furthermore, with districts tightening their belts, more and more tasks are being assigned to teachers (both General and Special Ed).

I ask, what would you have us do? Why are the teacher's emails not included in the above post? What if that teacher had to write 125 of those emails each day? Would you be able to send over the "friggin data" for the dangerous lab?

JC mother of three

I loved communication None-0-1. It was like looking at my daughters communication book.

The other communication I love from the school is the computer generated notes letting us know our child is failing a class and how important it is for us to parent and do what is right even though all the accomodations on the IEP haven't been followed or the modifications haven't been made to the curriculum. Or the letter informing us of the number of days our daughter has missed school and how that effects her education. This would be sent the same day I was called to pick her up because she is to ill to be at school 2nd call this week. I have three children and never been made to feel like such a failure as a parent until my daughter was born (youngest of three).


I love it Lori! And to all those Mom's out there who can't get the teacher to fill out a communication notebook do what I did, create a worksheet so the teacher can just mark off the things you need to know and than ride their a** until they do it!


Oh yeah, my preschool communication notebook reads just like this, currently - sans the upper grade level comments. I don't know if I should laugh or cry.... his teacher was well meaning at the beginning, but clearly got sick of updating me even though she set the level of expectation. My son is non verbal, so this is all I have to go on, she could write anything and I have no way of knowing otherwise. So alot of miscommunication also goes on. She also just doesn't give any weight to my comments as "home behavior has little to do with school performance", her words not mine. Lucky me. But you were dead on with this post! Thanks for some much needed humor!

Nancy LaBerge

Lori Miller Fox said it all. There's nothing left to say. Perfect. Thank you, Lori.
On my way to ninth IEP meeting in so many years. Needed the great laugh.

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