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February 21, 2008



I too was a mother of a SPED student, who now has turned 30yrs old. Lori hit the nail on the head. It took me 2 years to finally get the Board to acknoledge that my son belonged in LD classes. He suffered from petit mal siezures which caused him great difficulty with comprehension. From 2nd grade up I was forced to spend almost as much time in his classroom as he was, the teachers refused to go over instructions and cirriculum more than once during class time, if he did not understand the instructions the teachers would state that he was either not paying attention or ignoring them and refused to go over them a second time. They would then call me and ask me to come to school and give my son a spelling test, math test, etc. One teacher and I finally had words at one point and she asked me what I expected from her. Well lets see, gee it couldn't be that you actually teach my son and if he does not understand go over it again, duh. Things had gotten so bad by the ninth grade I took him out of school and home schooled him, thought I might as well since I wasn't receiving a paycheck from the school board for the time I was coming to school to teach my son.

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