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October 23, 2007


Sandy Alperstein

This brought tears to my eyes, Lori! As always, very well said! I hope your son is doing OK - hang in there!!


Daunna Minnich

Lovely!   On the surface, this rather sober and reflective piece seems quite unlike your usual frolicsome offerings, Lori.  Yet this musing piece bears both your hallmark wordplay and the emotional honesty that underlies all your blogs.   Therapeutic for you, I imagine, and therapeutic for your readers too.  

Denise Bohn

This is beautiful, Lori. Thank you.


Thank you, Lori, especially for acknowledging that there alphabetical or other order. This explains the blank look on my face every time a teacher asks me if I see that my son has a regular time and a neat place (with all supplies needed) to do his homework.

I try, I do try--but I am encouraged by having discovered just exactly how beautiful all of the colors in the crayon box truly are, and how deprived the people are who are only working in primary colors.


Absolutely beautiful!

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