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September 17, 2007


Sandy Alperstein

Lori, I've been checking in every day, hoping to see something from you. And I must say - this was worth the wait! Thanks!!



I love the humanness and respect the reality of your rap.


I can so relate...lol
I'll be your advocate whether you like or not!
I will complain at your IEP, that's my job.
Don't you roll your eyes at me, I know what you really mean!
You will take your medicine and get better!
You will wrap in your weighted blanket and like it!


What a great post! Yes, they are like every other kid, just with their own peculiarities. This is me to my "regular" daughter: Don't you take that attitude with me!
This is me with my autistic son: Don't you get all squealy and flappy on me!

Lisa Riley

Way too funny! :) As a Special Education teacher of 18 years, it's amazing how those all fit. Thanks for the giggle!

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