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August 15, 2007



I don't suppose there's a link between autism and the lead paint these kids may have ingested as they played with and chewed on these toys?

Tina Phillips

I am a special education teacher who has taught and had interaction with many children with autism. I also have two nephews with autism. One of my nephews is all Thomas the Tank. He has learned a lot from the videos. My other nephew and some of the students I have worked with watched Barney and have learned from it too. Then there are the students who won't have anything to do with watching TV. Do you have any suggestions for the students who won't or can't focus on objects? I would be interested to learn new strategies since I teach a class of 14 students and 5 of them have some form of autism.


Interesting.... I have 2 Autistic boys who are age 11 and 15 now. We introduced Thomas, LOTS of Thomas to them when they were very young. They were interested in the engineering of the track layout for a while but it was short lived. All told, there was very little interest. Maybe someone should review the Asperger end of the spectrum as it might be quite different as in my case.


My Autistic son loved Thomas for years. He is excited that his 2 yr old brothr is now loving thomas and he is 10! lol.. thomas is wonderful.

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