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August 16, 2007



I wonder how long we will have to wait for the results? It seems that all too often whatever the newest study results, they always conclude that 'more research' is needed.
Still, any answer at all will be worth waiting for I'm sure.
Best wishes

Mrs. C

I have two boys with autism and I'd love to have some answers as to "why." However, I'd be concerned that it will lead to blaming the parents somehow... or... if it's a simple thing like too much vitamin B or something during pregnancy that we didn't know before ... that autism will be suddenly eliminated from future generations and then no-one will really see the need for helping out those of us who have the problem now.

I have been asked to enroll my children in all sorts of studies and I have always said NO. The reason being, what if they find something else wrong? Or, what good is it going to do *us* for them to find out all this information on our children for their statistics, and would they even tell us of additional problems anyway? Do you think the people who "test" for all these things are willing to help once they find a problem?

No. They just want to log down that there IS a problem; thank you for your time and now go away...

And, once you find a problem, it becomes a "pre-existing condition" for the purposes of insurance. Autism is bad enough, thank you.

I think you'll find a real dearth of middle-class educated families involved in these studies for these reasons... just my opinion. Poor folks have nothing to lose and rich folks can afford whatever therapies are needed once they discover other problems...

Al H

I'd love to see more money allotted to and spent on helping children with autism learn and succeed. While I commend the researchers who are grappling with the urgent question of prevention, we have the knowledge necessary to help children who already have autism. There are plenty of incurable diseases that we have learned to address so that those afflicted can live normal lives. Let's make sure and focus on providing the highest quality interventions for children with autism, as well as quality research. Both will lead to more human beings leading fulfilling and independent lives.

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