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August 20, 2007


Randy Chapman

This is very interesting information. I particularly appreciated the information and links to the things parents and teachers can do to assist students with discalculia. It strikes me that, for some children, this might well be a disability under section 504 and these "things" could be accommodations under a 504 Plan. Or, there are probablay implications for appying the response-to-intervention process to identifying and/or assisting children with discalculia.

Sarah G.

This is very helpful information. The links will help teachers/parents understand what they can do to help there students with discalculia.


Really a great post.Will be of great help for all.Really an informative one.


Sjs info

Oh that was real important information.I would like to spread the word about it.There are many such possible causes that are not even aware of.


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