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July 23, 2007



It's really important also for all teachers who teach kids with disabilities to be educated about the normal sexual and emotional feelings of people with disabilities, that our kids are more like "normal" kids than they are given credit for.

My then 7 year old son had a crush on his teacher. The teacher and the director of the school insisted he was displacing his feelings for me onto the teacher. Our son's paid advocate, a psychologist by training with over 17 years experience at a leading center for kids with disabilities, agreed with my husband and I that he was displaying typical, normal behavior for a child who is attracted to his teacher.

Subsequent to the poor handling of this situation on the part of the teacher and the school, my son developed a hair pulling fixation whenever this teacher wore her hair in a pony tail. Prior to this, he had never displayed such behavior so I can't help but think it's related to his feeling rebuffed and rejected.

The hair pulling has since generalized to any female professional or student in his classroom with her hair in a pony tail.

We tried talking to our son at home that it's normal and OK to have feelings about his teacher and that she liked him, too, but to understand that adults can't respond to kids in that way. We even asked the teacher to explain this to him as well but she never responded to our request so it is unlikely that she did so.

At this point, we are left with taking our son to a behavioral psych unit to work on an outpatient basis with him on extinguishing the hair pulling as it has not yielded to any intervention that the school's staff has tried.

Bingham High Students

Let’s talk about sex, baby…
But not in the way that you might think. Sexual education in the United States is seriously flawed. In many states, abstinence is the only option of birth control taught to high school students. We, as high school students, believe that it would benefit the high school population to learn about the alternatives to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. In today’s society teens are having sex, regardless of the way they are educated. Learning in a classroom in which the curriculum is ‘abstinence only’ does not affect the numbers of teens who make the decision to have sex.
Our view is that the curriculum needs to be expanded. Birth control pills as well as condoms need to be standardized in the public school’s Health curriculum as a means of protection. We believe that when students are at the age when sexual education is taught, they have mostly made up their mind about how sexually active they will be. Because students have already chosen, the curriculum should be based on protecting kids, not on what the school districts think is morally acceptable to the community. Protecting teens from sexually transmitted disease, and keeping them from either getting somebody pregnant, or becoming pregnant needs to be the goal of educating on this topic.


It amazes me the lack of sexual culture that exists in our media world. And part of the problem is the media because it portrays sexual activity in a wrong manner. Also it contributes to making sex a tabu subject. Hush hush and lots of people suffer from a chronic lack of pleasure in their sex life. I believe that sex education should be done by people that enjoy sex and took the time to explore the realm of sexuality. That's my take on the matter.


I realize this blog is 3-yrs old but I'm looking for info about sex ed. Does an NPS need permission by state or school districts to teach sex ed.?

Ed. Rules governing teaching sex ed would generally be governed by local school policies typically set by the local school board.

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