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June 18, 2007


Sherry Hollis

I know of a parent in PA that this has happened to. She has cases that are being taken up in the high courts.
She has disabilites herself, and the school is using this against her.
I dont' know the details of her situation.
It is just an outrage just like everything else in special ed.
The IDEA law states (but I don't know exactly where) that schools are not to prevent parents from advocating for their children.
But like everything else in special ed, it will do no good to take legal action agains this because there is no enforcement of the schools to follow the laws.
In my state GA , in my situation, the school had the assistance and approval of the GA dept of education to violate federal, state, and local IDEA laws, lying, intimidating, being hostile, and everything else.

Liz Ditz

The concept of "munchasen by proxy in the educational setting" was the subject of a lively discussion at SchwabLearning's parent message board:



I have had the opportunity to read extensively on this topic.

What concerns me is what rights do parents have when the balance of power is so in favor of school districts? What happened to the (moral) line being crossed from when a school: Blamed a child and/or a parent for not succeeding - to accusing a parent for harming, neglecing, crippling, his/her child?

What lenghts are schools now permitted to go to in order to avoid taking responsibility for their own (lack of) actions?

Why must the child AND the parent pay; emotionally, psychological and financially?

Dirty little secrets and political games are becoming more prevelant all over the country in our school systems.

In the end, parents who are now becoming "Advocates" for their children and who are now arming themselves with knowledge (power) are being rewarded with severe punishments of bureuracratic red tape, time contraints of cat and mouse games and due process.

This is not what was intended by Wrightslaw, Parent Advocate Groups, Parent Support Groups, or On-Line Support Groups. As parents, we simply wanted to be able to support our children, understand our rights and speak intelligently at IEP meetings. Instead, we have been met with disapproval, objections, dishonesty, rejection, and resistance. It was not meant to be this way.

When will parents actually be treated as equal team members and when will their offerings actually be considered?

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