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March 23, 2007



Great, GREAT post. Thanks for this.

Sue Keller

This research paper needs to be brought to the attention of the mainstream media, so that the public as well as school admininstrators can get a reality check. How can we get attention paid to this important paper in the national media?


I've read this paper a couple of times with the thought in my mind of how my own school district is concerned about how high the current percentages are for the special needs program are. In short the superintendant feels that these are too high and need to be addressed (brought down).

Just how does one go about decreasing these percentages?

Are school districts more concerned about their egos and reputations if children are recommended for outside placement? Is money the real issue?

What is the cost difference for providing services for (certain) children in-district versus out of district?

What about the child who actually needs to be in another environment? What about the frivilous cost of lawyers, mediation, and due process; all to avoid the necessary placement?

Who's wasting money?

And yes, parents find out far too late that they could have exercised their parental rights and filed complaints or acted more proactively. Sometimes by that point in time, they are far too busy "advocating" more aggressively than ever anticipated.

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