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March 02, 2007


Lori-Can you make up a joke about why my son's IEP goals had a different name on them? Oh, wait, the principal already did, it was a collating error of course.



Always one to make me smile. Thanks for lifting my spirits.


Frederick Ketchum

Dear Lori,
I am sorry to say that I am so glad you are having difficulties with the IEP process. I am a special education teacher who is currently appalled at the lack of professionalsim in my field reagarding: 1) a thorough understanding of what is happening with the child; 2) a thoughtful plan to get from point A to point B in language that has some meaning and usefulness. Most of the truly needy kids I work with have been terribly negleted by the school--no real WILL to provide services that work; very little time spent on researching programs that might be helpful; slim imagination; a kind of second rate intellect plying it's trade.

I would like to know more of what you have been through, would like to know if I can be any assistance, and if there are others as dumbfounded by the third rate system we have in place as I am.


Thanks for the laugh! We are in the middle of fighting with our district on placement for our son who is deaf. I'm hoping to work this out without going to due process.

Kelly Lenihan

At first I thought you were a teacher, and reading further now see you must be a parent. I share your spirit and take my jobs and decisions seriously. I am a born and bred special education teacher and an advocate for all who cross my path. I love and support parent input. I wish there were more where I am at. Your child is lucky. Thank You

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