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March 13, 2007


Phil Vitkus


Hi, Charles, I read with interest your article on transition, and reviewed the 100 page NASET document (the document hadn't changed much from the draft I'd reviewed at the PACER Center two years ago).

Considering the importance of postsecondary transition planning, and how much is involved, I welcome your personal over-the-web review of a commercially available transition planning tool called the TransPlanner! available through Wizdom Education (a division of Wizdom Systems, Inc.) - please see www.wizdomeducation.com.

Because so much is at stake, and so much is involved, we at Wizdom would recommend that districts and parents not leave anything to chance, but instead consider the TransPlanner! as a means to making sure "all the bases are covered." It functions like an electronic checklist . . . well, I'll stop here. You can read more at our web site, and preview the TransPlanner! with me if you like. You can contact me at [email protected] or 630.357.3000 x3004.


Phil Vitkus

P.S., my background includes instructing adults with developmental disabilities, a Master's in Special Education from NIU, principal investigator on an ED-funded project on transition planning, and contributing writer on the transition committees of the Illinois Autism Task Force.

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