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February 26, 2007



Dear Mr. Fox,

I've posted a link to this post to the SchwabLearning Parents' Board,


I think a few parents posting there have had their kids on the five-year plan.

As always, I find your blog informative.

I think it's good to remind everyone the intention of school - to learn to be an active memeber of society (in whatever field that may be). For kids with disabilities, day to day tasks may be quite a struggle, so working towards a test or what a teacher has to get through in an amount of time is irrelevant. School is the time for kids to learn skills needed to plan successfully, locate information they may need, communicate most effectively, and use tools to help them in their lives. Disabled or not, all kids learn these things at school, and those should be reviewed as bars of success when deciphering a disabled person's progress and accomplishments.

CMC Sherrard Cohort

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