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January 26, 2007



A math teacher about my son who is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and severe AD/HD with Autistic Tendencies by a medical professional-"There's nothing wrong with him. He'd be fine if he manned-up and started acting normal."
A principal who had never met my child-"I have two Masters in education. i know more about your child than you." My response? "I have a degree in my child, having studied him for his whole life."
The sweetest teacher ever to my son after a particularly rough day. "tomorrow's another chance to make better choices." to me before my first IEP meeting "least restrictive environment. pick your battles wisely and let them win the battles while you win the war."


During my child's transition / IEP meeting from preschool to Kindergarten:

"As a parent, you don't have any say in what goes into his IEP - you just have to go with what we say he needs."

Whispered between the SpEd Teacher and the School District Rep:
"Just get him out of here" as they crossed out every single IEP goal that his previous teachers and therapists wrote.

By the incoming Kidnergarten teacher:
"Oh, he can write his name - he doesn't need OT services - there's nothing wrong with him!"

Thank GOODNESS for being able to get him out of that school and into a different one. The new school called within in a week asking if they could do a new IEP because what these 3 women had changed it to made absolutely no sense for him and they even asked if this was the same child, or maybe they'd put somebody else's goals in his IEP.

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