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January 07, 2007


Daunna Minnich

This case is more than sad. It's shameful. I have to agree with the school that they were "wit's end" — it's apparent to anyone they were totally witless.

A competent school would have already called an IEP meeting and revisited the behavior plan. But clearly this school lacks the expertise for such a job and I wouldn't trust them. Since the school has admitted they don't know what to do, which in effect means they've acknowledged they are incapable of providing FAPE. Furthermore, this child is not psychologically safe in this abusive environment, and she needs immediate placement elsewhere.

Ann Marie

Many schools seem to be acting quite irrationally when it comes to disabled students on the autism spectrum. In Duxbury Massachusetts, an affluent town just south of Boston, the Middle School was put in lock down (to the distress of many students) because of the tantrum of a student with Aspergers Syndrome. It apparently wasn't the first time the police were called to deal with the child. Meanwhile, the school is fighting the parents on their request for an out of district placement. An article about the situation, an editorial and a letter to the editor from the mother of the student can be found in the Duxbury Clipper newspaper (www.duxburyclipper.com).


Really shamefull!Thanks for writing such posts and making people aware of the sick management of such schools and poor administration.


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