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January 29, 2007



The FBA and BIP are a critical crossroads in a child's school experience. It took a whole year last year to get in a behavioral consultant for my child. We went through the psychologist and teacher coming up with a contract first and then the consultant came on board.

This year, the FBA was officially being conducted, and then I find out that the behaviorist was dismissed (they didn't tell me; I found out). Now I am fighting to find out why and who will replace this person. Part of the problem is a new director came on board, and it always seems they want to bring in their own people. But I do have behavioral consultant on the IEP, and I have put all my concerns in writing and no response as yet. Now the psychologist wants to meet with us (deja vu from last year).

Very frustrating; there really has to be more oversight over the school's actions.

Amalia M. Harris

I just had a few more questions to add to the list:

What was going on in the class just prior to the event in question?

Did anything unusual happen on the way to school today?
(an incident on the bus, perhaps)

Is the child experiencing typical symptoms of puberty?
Even typical kids can exhibit "behavior" under the influence of the physical, emotional, and hormonal stress of this period of their life!

Has anyone asked the child why he/she acted in a certain manner? Sometimes there really is method to the madness; it's just not the method a typical child might choose.

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