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January 29, 2007



This is a GREAT post. We just had this same discussion with our placement person and I was arguing for the same thing - get rid of all the loaded language that makes Ellie seem like she is a bad kid. There were words like willful and resistent. Versus the reality of auditory defensiveness, sensory integration issues, and dystonia. For crying out loud!!! Argggg! You have hit the nail on the head with this one as usual.

The person I was dealing with who had to rewrite the crappy IEP got really angry at me that she started to yell. Talk about resistant and willful.

Sometimes looking at the huge amount of stuff that is wrong with all this I get overwhelmed. But I think giving a voice to it so articulately like you are doing here is very empowering and will serve as a foundation for real discussions that will slowly lead to real change - if we parents keep insisting on it.


Well written!

Schools seem to want to throw out these words like "manipulative" and/or "behaviroral" without ever asking the question ~ WHY? Identify the child's needs and why the child is responding to his or her's environment first. Respond instead of labeling.

This has been an ongoing issue; not only for myself, but for many parents throughout.

Thank you for writing a very thoughtful article.

If only schools would try to comprehend what makes total sense to the rest of us, our children would have a much easier time throughout their day.


I have been searching for this sort of an explanation for a long time. Well said...

Florence Castro

Awesome post. I have a quick question. Can a school implement a behavior plan without a functional behavioral analysis? Does this vary per state? My sons grades have dropped substantially and he avoids certain kinds of schoolwork.

Araminta Self

I am wondering about THE FUNCTIONAL BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS AS WELL. My momma is a professioanl IBI( Intensive behavioral interventionist) has been doing the work for over 25 years and has told me his school has to complete one for Idaho but so many schools circumvent this and use and IEP where a BIP (BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTION PLAN)is needed. So if anyone can answer this in regards ot Idaho law, let me know!!!

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