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January 04, 2007



We have been on the waiting list in Texas for MDC for over 6 years and finally got the call. Anyone dealt with inital approval from nurse and assigned caseworker then get denied siting "not disabled enough"? How is a child with 3 permanent disabilities - cerebral palsy, partial deletion of a chromosome, and spina bifida occulte not "disabled enough"? And only signs and has just a ten word vocabulary at almost 8 years old. I have filed for an in person appeal. Too disabled for private insurance but not qualified for help or assistance. She cannot attend regularr afterschool care, so finding a job has been ridiculous. And my husband works until 8pm 6 days per week. If she gets the MDC, it is a medicaid waiver program so she would get medicaid. Anyone with advice. We have applied for SS twice and been denied because we make "too much money" - the worker at the SS office actually told us to get divorced and refile using only my income, which is none. And they told us that to get SSI she would have to be a disabled adult that had worked in the past. HELP!

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