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December 16, 2006



Charles and Lori,

Hang in there. I wish I could bring you over some coffee and bagels and a hug. But I was SO glad to keep reading and know you did not do the horrible rod up the spine surgery. We have met CP kids and their parents that have done that and never met one where it was not for the worse.

Ellie is only just 4 now. But when she was 2 her spine was starting to curve too from too much sitting when her body was too weak to really hold her up. We, after going to Advance in Englad, were advised to put her on her tummy all the time and we changed her diet as well, which I just wrote about about a couple of posts ago. Anyway, we continue to do a ton of tummy time and her spine is straight so far. We are approaching a time when she will go to school and they will expect her to be upright. I know her spine will curve when this happens and am truly afraid of that and know it will be a challenge to help her be with other children in postural positions that she is not ready for.

Thanks for sharing the ABS information. I am so, so glad for you that you found another way to help your son versus the traditional one.

Sandy Alperstein

Thank you so much for sharing your miracle with us, Charlie! I've missed reading your postings, but this one was certainly worth the wait! In this season of miracles, your story is truly inspirational! Again, thank you for sharing it with us!

Cyndi Lou & Jacobi

Dear Charlie and Family,

We are very happy to hear about your blessings. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers and should you ever need anything, I am certain that you know we are here for you along with many others.


Leanne Roe


A friend passed your website on to me. I have a son, Samuel, who had a stroke before birth. As a result he has CP. He is 18 years old now.

We found Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to be very helpful. The traditional medical community does not realize that stroke causes a non-healing wound. Part of the brain leaves. But that part that remains, that was next to the part that is gone, needs to heal. Until it heals, it cannot function.

HBOT is not a complete cure. But it gets you one step ahead of where you were.

Samuel has had over 150 dives in a hard-sided chamber, and sleeps in a portable, soft-sided chamber almost every night. Before HBOT Samuel could not close his eyes. In fact, he thought he slept with his eyes open, since he could not shut them himself. After HBOT, he can shut his eyes with ease. His eyes also track now (important for reading), which they did not do before. His spasticity decreased. His range of motion increased.

Although we have medical insurance, we ended up having to pay for it ourselves, because it is considered "non-proven treatment/experimental". Many studies, however, prove otherwise. I've also been told that Russia and China use HBOT for brain trauma issues and they get good results.

The lone miner who survived last years mining tragedy received constant HBOT treatment immediately after being rescued. You bet the mining company was going to give him the best treatment possible, because they were in big trouble for creating the situation that caused the accident.

We went to Tobermory, ON, Canada. It was the cheapest HBOT around, because they only charged us cost.

You'll find more info about HBOT on the Internet.

All the best and thank you for what you do.


Amy Cederbaum

THe news you report and which was so hardwon is breathtaking. It is not just how adaptable people can be to their circumstances that comes across. It's the metaphor for the true kind of support you persisted in finding and giving to your child that the brace represents especially in how difficult it's been to support with exercises and for Cole to learn to tolerate and for the school to accept their part - and because it and you have adapted to his needs and the way his body needs to move and shown the way for the rest of us whatever the issue. Many warm thoughts of support for Cole and your family and for all you do.

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