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October 24, 2006


Sandy Alperstein

Well said, Charlie! This article is horrendously one-sided, and highlights the fact that we need to find a way to educate the public and the press as to the true plight of children with disabilities in our nation. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Martha Carstensen

I have a question relating as to why they are making this choice. My step son who was diagnosed with Autism was on an IEP in preschool. My husband moved to a new school district and they are now denying him special ed services on academics alone. He is not 2.0 below the standard deviation. From what I can gather he would have to be in the lower 2% to receive services. Is there any case law on this ruling? Is this why the parents are using private schools? In reading IDEA it does not seem within the spirit of the law to rely only on academics?


The NY schools have, advocates that understand autistic needs, and a place for parents to send their autistic kids; unlike here in Illinois.
I personally know of many professionals on the East Coast and they are creating private schools to help higher functioning autistic individuals get a more appropriate education and the school systems are, after legal action by parents, able to pay for the private schools. Here in Illinois we do not have these private schools available yet. If we did I am sure the schools would rather be forced to pay for the school than loose a large discrimination case. If we as parents have no other options all the money in the world won't pay for a school that does not exist. We need to create the school so that we can get the school system to help pay for it.

Jill Bernstein

I am getting ready to do court battle as I have no other options My daughter has Aspbergers syndrome and surprise the only special needs classes avaible in her age group she is 14 are out dated and meant for a person with an IQ of 75 or lower , parents like me who see potenial with the right forms of adaption for them are left with no choice as the placements they offer are not right for our kids she can do High School biology but cannot get past 4th grade math . Every school I find tells me she is not autistic enough than when I find one that is for aspbergers they are 5000 a month from where I sit it stinks they will spend 20,000 to redo the grounds for foot ball and soccer how about useing ti to develope better programmes instead I have gone backto school to become a para legal because I am sick of hearing it will cost me 30,000 to mount war with my school district because they got her to sit write her name and tie her shoes as a kindergartener well guess what she is growing up and we have to to they are becomeing the norm I cannot wait 6yrs for them to get something in place for her she will be done and all she will have is attendance diploma that is not right

Janet Frazier

Jill - I am in the same situation in SC. I am in litigation with 2 school districts in SC. My 15 year old son has Aspergers and I have unilaterally placed him in a private school and I am seeking tuition reimbursement. Anyone with special ed needs/issues, please contact me at [email protected]. I plan on starting a revolution in SC to get the appropriate services for childrens with autism/aspergers syndrome.

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