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October 29, 2006


Sandy Alperstein

There is a group called SpedVoters that tries to do just this! They have a website and a yahoo list (the site is outdated but you can sign up for their free yahoo list, which is useful) - http://www.spedvoters.org .

Melanie Watson

November 2006

I was told the odds were against me, when we filed a counter claim against Northwest ISD's petition for due process against me. However, by that time, the educational malpractice had done a toll on my son, my family, and our lively hood. Even though Texas parents lose 91% of the time in school litigation, and even after I found out our judge was the toughest DP Hearing Officer in Texas, this bankrupt, single mom fought back with a counterclaim.

A little history: Prior to the legal educational crisis, my son attended school in Northwest ISD for two and a half years. During that time, I attended all school meetings ( meetings I was invited to) , signed all educational assessment consents, and maintained a positive relationship with my son’s teachers. I was interested and involved with my son's education.

What did cooperation get a parent in Northwest ISD? Unethical staff forced upon you by Superintendent of Schools (who ignored my requests for her help), cruelty to a child, and the fraudulent concealment of educational records. Educational malpractice at it’s worst. Oh yea, my child could not read or write.

Concern was inevitable, when my son, with above average IQ , whom I read to nearly every day of his life, could not read or write. Socially, he was misunderstood and bullied. He was scolded by educators for not complying with simplistic tasks…ie tying shoes, messy penmanship, not being able to read a book, or copy the board. His involuntary arm movements, lack of comprehending silent signals, and odd behavior were reported to me as “defiant” behavior.

One big problem. My son was autistic.

I had no idea about autism, as I had never been around autisic children. Pre (Private) diagnosis, my laymens idea about autism was consistant with the character "Rainman".

Unfortunately, the administration of Northwest ISD withheld three (from yrs 2002, 2004, 2005) psychological screening reports from me. WHY? Please note- the concealment was in spite if the fact that I had repeatedly asked for all reports. In an attempt to get my son’s entire educational record, I was forced to solicited help from OAG, TEA, DOE, OCR, and various elected officials. In 2005, TEA ordered Northwest ISD to send my son’s educational record sealed, via a Trophy Club Police squad car. Unfortunately the packet of documents, signed and dated by a director at the Northwest admin level, was thousands of documents short of being my son’s entire educational record. In March 2005, a second management level administrator provided me a second set of records. They were signed and numbered, but unfortunately, same thing. Missing documents, and lots of them! It took an attorney, and the legal process , to get my son's entire educational record. (still waiting on access to originals)

About six months later, and sometime after I asked for a district change, I was sued in Due Process. The bully, Northwest ISD, had the means for this frivolous and intimidating litigation against a parent. They underestimated me, as I fought back.

The "Education Malpractice" verdict, (as I call it) was delivered on October 13, 2006 and the details of the case are public record. I encourage all parents to read the official transcript. The facts of the case are critical to all parents. It is important to see the lengths a district will go to silence a parent who suspects them of wrongdoing. Hopefully our nightmare will enlighten parents to the possibility of cruel student & parental betrayal which easily breeds in an unchecked public school administration.

Just remember, a parent who finds themselves in a"David vs Goliath" type educational crisis can load the proverbial sling shot with a very mighty blow. There is always a moment of truth. With healthy power, funding, arrogance, and lawyering talent available to them, Northwest ISD's moment of truth was ugly and damning. The truth showed a district with serious noncompliance issues, motivated by ill will, motivated to destroy a single mom, of an autistic boy! Even with unlimited use of our tax dollars, and with the deck stacked in their favor, it was a "parent knock out".

Now that the case is over, maybe we can get a look at my son's original records. Some of my documents, including a federal form, seem to be altered ( in a sloppy cut and paste kind way). To this day, and in spite of repeated requests, I have never been allowed access to the originals.

Melanie Watson

"Education might be all our kids have, to navigate them through life. It does not matter the child's obstacle, as long as they have a mom who will stand up for them". MBW

November 2006


Is Melanie still active on this site and/or can someone tell me how to conact her? I tried clicking on "Email Me" on her site but my computer isn't a Mac. I'm considering putting my autistic son into NW ISD but with her post above, I'm very apprehensive. Anyone's help would be much appreciated by my son and I!!!

Dianna Pharr

You can contact Melanie here:

Dianna Pharr
Austin, Texas

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