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September 30, 2006


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I don't blema the teachers for being so eager to prevent problems in our schools. It's a good thing that they are keeping it under control. I once heard from a teacher of mine that he found out of case in his school about two boys aged 5 and 6 that raped a little girl aged 4. Can you believe that!? Well I don't want that for my children...I totally agree with these actions

concerned parent

My son has been suspended from middle school for behavior issues however other students have not received the same discipline. My child was diagnosed with ADHD 3yrs ago. The actions are very minor and those of compulsive behavior. His disability has been discussed with Principal and Dean, but they did not attempt to offer assistance. My child has not even received in-school detention, but immediately suspended from school without prior contacting parent or child. I did not have opportunity to discuss with school as all I received was a voicemail on my cell phone and did not get it until 2 am of day suspension started. This situation is causing my child to be more and more emotional and disconnected. He feels like an outsider and no longer wants to attend school. He needs help, but I am a single mom and can only give my child what I can. I pleaded for help from the Principal but they seem to think the other children feel threatened. Yet my child is home crying and wanting to take self defense classes because he is scared and feels abandoned by the teachers.

My son was labeled as a bully by school when playing flag football and knocked a child over when reaching for their flag. On another occasion during gym class, a student shoved my son and he immediately my shoved the other student back. Not only was my child (not the student who started the incident) suspended from school, but was also kicked off the school football team as an additional punishment. Other students taunt my child by intentionally sitting in his assigned seat and hoping for a reaction. After begging the other student to please give his seat back all the students were laughing at him. He shook the desk in an effort to get the other kid to get out of his seat. The other students were not disciplined for bullying my child, but rather my son was punished for his defensive behavior that is associated with ADHD. His enrollment forms clearly stated his disability. Unfortunately his missed classes may cause his removal from the gifted and talented classes as they are too difficult to maintain with lossed days without instruction. The Principal has warned that if another child claims he says or does anything inappropriate regardless of his side of the story, he will be expelled for the year and will fail the 7th grade. Brilliant children are still children and still have disabilities. Schools cannot hold them to higher standards than those without disabilities. The school has not offered assistance with the school psychiatrist or offered any other possibility than punishment by suspension or expulsion. The school has completely turned their head at the possibility that my son’s behavior could be a result of his disability. As a single parent with limited resources, I don’t know where to begin. This school is failing my child and they do not want to deal with his special need.

This is just more examples of wasted efforts in the wrong departments. We have severely struggling students and academic cocerns that seem to be so much more important than a butter knife in a school lunch. Shouldn't efforts be put into reorganizing the things that aren't working with a focus on education rather than focusing on the students' outside-of-school lives and incarceration? In their defense, I understand these things that probably (let's hope) sparked the administration's thinking: school should = safe, no tolerance, we're always teaching lessons. However, as humans, we have the capability to reason and problem-solve, and we even possess foresight. Wouldn't these attributes cause a person to see the humorous over-exaggeration of policy? Children burnt by these policies (the un-deserved ones) will have less trust in the school and with authority. We are desensitizing them to repercussion. It could even encourage more poor behavior.
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I am writing a paper on these exact types of topics for my graduate class. Does anyone know of any resources that I can use for my research? All these comments are great, but I need something more appropriate for use on a project.

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