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September 29, 2006


Kathryn Stanley

Oh My God! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just discovered you now at 10:51pm and my disabled daughter Ellie does not really sleep all that well so I it's a dangerous discovery. But - man how can I put into words how you and Lori have put into words what we are living. You have also answered tons of questions and provided so many resources. I am going to read your entire blog over the course of the next few days and put a link to it on my site. Thank you for sharing your big brain and the details of the path you have walked and all of your discoveries. I love the positivity and the reminder about the fuel and the branch. Sometimes I run on empty and need to remember the free fall will stop.

I am overwhelmed with all that there is to learn here and thankful for you having created this blog. Lori, loved your post on redefining terms - excellent and hilarious.

It was also very validating to hear someone else say they are in combat with the schools too. So it's not just us. Ellie is 4 and the school thing has been really awful and painful so far. I think your blog will offer me some perspective.
Thanks and more thanks!

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