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September 18, 2006


This is a problem in other industries. Many hospital elevators have signs that say something like "DOCTORS: Do not discuss medical data or patients in public areas."


That's why data collection is SO important. That way the parent (or in my case the teacher) can show the overall trend of behavior and academic progress. I also try to get the parents and the school to agree on the specific criteria on what will be considered progress before the plan is implemented. And I don't mean just jotting down that the objective will be mastered at 70%. I mean, what will the frequency of the behavior be reduced to before we can take the next step? What frequency of certain behaviors will cause us to step back and go to a lower level of the plan?

Good luck. I know that I am one of the "babies" but I enjoy reading your blog because it gives me a larger perspective on the students that I teach and how the families view the whole thing.

Charles Fox

Arkansas Teacher: thank you for your comment and for being able to take in and consider the other side of the coin. I meant no offense but was trying to make a point.


What this teacher did was inexcusable and I would suggest that she be fired immediately. If it were me, I'd seek all courses of action possible. Furthermore, I certainly recognize that horrible things happen in public schools. However, to generalize that "school people are babies" is really unfortunate and very offensive. It does nothing to encourage a cooperative spirit among parents and professionals. Perhaps that's why I, and many others who truly care about students, have a very short tenure in the public school system by choice. You offer an excellent resource here; I've read it for a long time. But, your agreement with that statement achieves nothing productive. Why don't we work to get rid of those who disregard such basic rights like confidentiality rather than run off those "school people" who really are advocates for children??!!

Charles Fox

Dear Psych 95: While I did not mean to offend, i certainly can recognize that my statement could be considered as being offensive. My intent was to put this breach of confidentiality in context. That she, and many others like her, are not capable of a reasoned dialogue and resort instead to actionable gossip. The point is that it is always surprising to me how little it takes to get staff upset and withdraw instead of engaging in a constructive dialogue.

I greatly appreciate your readership and the frankness with which you express your views; if only there were more frankness and openess we would all be a lot better off.

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